Sustained Rest : ISA Gallery, Jakarta

12 March - 27 May 2022
ISA Art and Design presents “Sustained Rest”, an exhibition showcasing five Indonesian and Japanese artists. “Sustained Rest” comes from a musical term which is a technique considered sufficient to represent this exhibition. Sustained rest is a parameter of sound over time, indicating a period of time during which the sound persists before the signal is muted or silent, and rest is stopped or silent. “Sustained Rest” means a silent state but there is still a period of time the sound remains and is heard. Like an object that is silent but still sounds and feels the tension when presented.

This exhibition tries to present the substance of the selection of artists with different mediums and materials and also the selection of works with color harmony. Color can affect the human soul strongly or affect human emotions, when sensitivity is played in the senses by presenting the essence of color that enters the receptors on the senses, it will cause and channel the essence of emotion.


This exhibition seeks to create a harmony of color and tension between the object and the medium, with the diversity of the mediums owned by the artists but still have harmonization in color. The color harmony from the curation of the selection of this exhibition is in color matching, but each work has different spatial characteristics. In the medium or object that the artist presents in this exhibition, there are subjective events to deliver each narrative they have. This exhibition examines the transformation of objects and situations of each artist.


'Sustained Rest' will be held on 12 March–30 April 2022 at Wisma 46 Kota BNI gallery with 5 participating artists: A. Sebastianus, Bonggal Hutagalung, Galih Adika, Yuki Nakayama, and Yusra Martunus.