Setelah Yang Lirada: ArtSociates, West Java

11 November - 23 December 2022

Curated by Ganjar Gumilar

Represented by ArtSociates , Bandung

This exhibition collects a number of works from 13 artists whose representational operations are no longer 'conventional'. Some 'running' manifests as a significant form, some intertwine with digital abstraction, some depart from personal intentions and idiosyncrasy, some question the transfer of manifestation. It is easy to think that these works emphasize the primacy of formal elements, henceforth they are labeled abstract with all its derivatives, but often the intention is not always that way. Behind it is still stored the intention to respond and represent the problem. This approach allows them to be present in speculative territory where representation and non-representation can be present simultaneously, demanding new ways to approach and appreciate them.