A.Sebastianus un-functions domestic objects and blurred photographs, into memorabilia that recollects masculine intimacies interfamilial and romantic. In Sejauh Menengankanmu (2014-2018), a mattress decays carrying the intimacies of love and hardships between partners over 4 years. Tak teringat, tak terlupa (2022), remnants of living room frames a frame the once called home, unremembered yet unforgotten. papa #02 (2022), stitches the tabooed and early rare intimacies between a father and son, that diminishes over time yet remains stitched.

Displace, deformed and post-purpose use households and abstract photographs for Sebastian rather becomes photograph album of his life. The most powerful memories aren’t figuratively or narratively described but rather its blurred viscerality and emotional reconfigurations is where the artist holds.