ART AGENDA S.E.A, 17 March 2021

"For me, weaving has become a ritualistic practical of unknowing. Repetition is recurring action within weaving process: every step offers a tactile and transformative experience, just like a farmer's practice from seeding to harvest."
— A. Sebastianus Hartanto, 2020



Lurik derived from the Javanese word ‘rik’, which symbolized fence and protection lines. A line that cannot be removed, surrounding the wearer and “the lasting relationship 
between the mother and the child throughout life and their life-long inseparability” (Geertz 1960, p44).

Bayanganmu yang membiru, 2019 - till end is an ongoing weaving ritual in recalling the ongoing disruptive protective relationship that lies between a mother and her son. Threads counted as days during ongoing years of seperation, distraught and reconciliation in regards of expectation of an offspring from one’s womb. With no conceptual intent, the practice and inquiry is still unknown to the artist, hoping to found itself with meaning or no meaning


Last few days to view #INTERWOVEN A Weaver's Recollection of Time by contemporary Indonesian artist, A. Sebastianus Hartanto (@a.sebastianus) at Art Agenda JKT