CAP KAROSO , 8 August 2022
"Sumbanese Ikat holds rich and vivid textile identity and history that symbolize the roots of their Indigenous culture and land.

Accentuating the blur-ness of ikat allows us

to embrace the visceral changes in life and cultureof Sumba, rooted in the raw earthen colors it’s land have given."




Artist Residency

Our multi-disciplinary artist residency program introduces the possibility for creative collaboration between international artists and Sumba artisans.

We invite contemporary artists and designers to Cap Karoso to share their creative universe with local artisans while learning ancestral traditions. In this cross-sharing of knowledge and inspiration, a new cultural dialogue is born.




Featured artwork

Across Cap Karoso – from the lounge to the beach club, to your studio or villa – the universal language of Art creates a meaningful connection with the ancestral culture of Sumba.  Explore artistic reflections on Marapu culture through commissioned artwork by Indonesian and international artists.