“Masa adalah jangka yang terjadinya suatu peristiwa;- jangka waktu tertentu yang ada permulaan dan batasnya, antara mendepan, berlalu atau masa kini.”

Seconds, after minute, days into years of not knowing what has passed by. The night falls, as the next sun rises over and over again. We live in and through various repetitions of time and in time. The two collections, kala1 and masa2, draw reference from Javanese measurements of time, which capture sequences both linear and cyclical. In their creation, 42,524 threads were woven to understand our heres, wheres, was and afters in life. A period ‘begins to end, yet ends to begin’.

masa —— kala was premiered virtually in ArtJakarta 2020 represented by ArtAgenda S.E.A then exhibited in his first solo, Interwoven: A weaver’s recollection of time at Wisma Geha, Jakarta.